Tokyo Disneyland: Tips and Tricks

Ok… so the time has come.  You are ready to take on Tokyo Disneyland Resort… yayyy!  I am a Disney Sea fan myself, but both parks are magical and amazing.  When you arrive to Maihama Station, exit and cut right and walk over to the park.  You don’t need to take the monorail unless you’re headed to TDS.

It’s a great time of year when TDR is set up for a theme, we’re talking Easter, Tanabata, Christmas, etc.  Surprisingly enough, regardless of the time of year, the park is most likely crowded, so definitely have a look at the crowd calendar if you’re nervous.  For me, the park is magic no matter what.   When you first enter the park, decide on your first FastPass.  Big Thunder Mountain, Monsters Inc., and Winnie the Pooh are quick to sell out.  All three are great attractions: thrill, interactive, and Disney’s new spin on a classic kids ride.  If you are interested in seeing more than one show, try your luck at the lottery for one of the shows currently playing at the park.  The lottery entry area is tucked away behind construction to the left of Space Mountain when you’re looking at the attraction.

My favorite place to grab a bite is the big cafe in Tomorrowland.  They’ve got pizza and calzones, and it’s surprisingly good. I do believe this is where you find the little green men mochi balls, as well.

On busier days when you are tired of waiting in long lines, spending time on the canoes tucked away in the back by Splash Mountain (get there before 2PM because they may cut the line off) is usually a great idea.  You can also kill time eating around the park, riding the big riverboat, playing the carnival games by the new Mardi Gras show, and the shoot ’em up game by Big Thunder Mountain.  These little games cost a few extra hundred yen, but no problem, the park is so much cheaper than other Disney parks!  Lastly, especially on busy days, make sure you hit the shopping area in the front early since the stores get mobbed at nighttime.  The penny arcade isn’t really a penny, but it is full of fun, vintage arcade games and well worth a check out.

There are a few rides that seem underrated to me, Jungle Cruise is one of them.  This is an epic adventure here in Japan.  Some of the parts may be borderline offensive to super sensitive parties, but if you go in with an open mind it can be quite fun.  The tour guides in Japan tend to be on the spectacular side.

Check with the restaurants early in the day in case there are cancellations, my personal favorite is Blue Bayou by Pirates.   This area is also where they hide the Mickey Mouse hand pork buns which are quite yummy.

And now for gamblers, there seems to be a trend that when the parades are about to start there is a lull at some attractions, Winnie the Pooh being one of them.  I’ve jumped into line twice now when it got down to 50 minutes so I didn’t waste a fast pass… you can see the parades’ finish from the line which is nice.  This doesn’t always happen though so it’s a bit of a crapshoot.  There is also rarely a line at Pirates, not sure if this is true for the entire day or just when I’ve gone around 7PM.

If you’ve read my other post about Disney Sea you already know: BUY THE MERCH!  The stuff in this park is unique and always changing.  I have a popcorn bucket ten years old that has quadrupled in value. It’s just fun to have!  Enjoy your day, don’t miss the final show at the castle… it’s projection mapping at it’s finest. I always catch the 9:15 final show and head home afterwards!




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