Tokyo’s Luxury Spas

When you live next-door to the Andaz it’s a real tease to see it pop up on social media every day and not venture over to check it out.  As a fitness instructor my body is always craving release so I decided to test out Tokyo’s luxury spas.  After having many mediocre massages over the course of my life, it was time to try the less is more approach.

First on my list was the Andaz at Toronomon Hills.  If you’re after a view, this is it.  This massage is lovely, and of course the locker room facilities are superb.  You can spy a view of their gorgeous pool as you slip into the changing rooms to get ready, definitely a luxurious experience.  You can get a single or couples massage and the massage bed mechanically inclines at the close so you are seated up overlooking this vast city.  Tokyo Tower isn’t pictured in your view, but the beautiful Rainbow Bridge is right there in plain sight.   If you’re like me and live here, the Hills Card works to your advantage.  This is a great massage venue, but it wasn’t my very favorite.

As I mentioned before, I neighbor the Andaz, which means I pay for access to the Hills Spa collection.  Hills Spa comprises of five Mori operated buildings around Minato-ku.  While the buy in for Hills is expensive, it’s waived if you live in a Mori building, and the monthly fee, while expensive, buys you access to all of the buildings, which is very convenient.   The pool at Atago Green Hills overlooks Tokyo Tower from the 42nd floor.  If glamour is your thing, this is it.  What a spectacular view in the evening, and sometimes you are lucky enough to see Mount Fuji.  The buildings seem to circulate around a similar theme: serenity now.  The Ark Hills building is equipped with massage chairs, and Motoazabu Hills building comes equipped with two jet baths in the pool area.  Roppongi Hills falls least favorite on my list in terms of amenities, but they are all very beautiful.  Massages are pretty top notch, as well, with Ito-san being my very favorite masseuse. (Insider tip: the bath at the Atago Green Hills building is a beautiful dark slate on the 42nd floor.)

The Four Seasons Marinouchi is a tiny slice of heaven tucked away in the city.  While it is EXTREMELY tiny, the massage was glorious (I had a woman named Kaya formerly of the Tokyo American Club Spa).  There is a delightful onsen area with a gorgeous slate bath.  Although you are sandwiched between streets and railways, the spa is peaceful and serene without a view.  So far, this is the only spa that comes with a charge for those not staying at the hotel, so be mindful of that if you are watching the budget.

I can’t vouch for the Aman myself but I did send my husband for a massage experience and he really loved it.  That being said, for 90 minutes at $450 I would expect nothing less.   With the 60 minute massage at Aman you are not offered access to the sauna and bath area, and for a Japanese spa experience that is a must have.  My husband especially enjoyed the heated floors and yukata outfit.  Honestly, this is the most expensive massage I have come across in my travels and I have a hard time justifying going back, unless you have international health insurance coverage or a gift certificate.

While I have yet to explore the Peninsula, Shangri-La, Park Hyatt, or Grand Hyatt, I struggle to think if I will get there at all after booking an experience at The Ritz Carlton.

The Ritz Carlton is the spa of all spas.  An absolutely stunning pool area, with hot tub tucked away, the locker room facilities are the best I have ever seen.  The heat experience room has two types of saunas and a bathtub overlooking Tokyo Tower which is to die for.  I dare you to try the cold plunge, but I did!!! It was amazing and it makes your skin tingle when you pop back into the hot pool.  Massage was off the charts, and the bed had more features than I have ever experienced.  The relaxation room is equipped with hydration and snacks… I don’t even want to go into detail about the experience and ruin it all.  Just find a special occasion and book an appointment now.  You will not be sorry.

I’ll keep you updated as I take more relaxation around this crazy town!!!  Check back for more on my Instagram, too! yoga_travel_happyhr_repeat

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