Singapore: Marina Bay Sands

Singapore is pretty similar to any major city in a lot of ways.  You will find so many of the same restaurants here and in New York City, but one thing that is truly unique and special is the view from the top of the MBS.  We spent three nights in Singapore and only one of them was spent at the MBS in order to “conserve” cash elsewhere and make the most of our visit.  The next place we stayed paled in comparison to the MBS, I definitely would opt to do the one night stay again at Marina Bay Sands.

When we arrived at the airport and hopped into a cab, I was nearly bursting at the seams with excitement.  That feeling alone is worth the extra dimes if you have them to spend.  Pulling up to the MBS, we were promptly escorted into the lobby by staff members and even given a small upgrade on the room, lucky ducks, I know.

Our room faced the famous Gardens by the Bay (which is an amazing place to spend the afternoon… Be sure to watch the video on their water conservation efforts because it is amazing), and we were there a mere minute or two before rushing out again and up to the pool deck.


It is what you expect, slightly overcrowded and saturated with Instagrammers and travel bloggers taking hour long photo shoots by the drop off, but one word: WOW.  We were lucky enough to have amazing weather, and I can’t put into words how many gorgeous colors the sky turned as the sun went down.   Tip: if you walk half way down the pool there is an adult only section, so don’t be too disappointed when you walk in and see 90,000 screaming toddlers.


Following our epic pool adventure, we watched the light show from way above at the end of the pool deck.  I do believe this is a special admission area for guests of the hotel so that is another reason to book a stay here for the night.  This light show is definitely better viewed from down below, but what a cool experience and preview it is!

We decided to dine at Lavo, an NYC hot spot, as well.  It was delicious, but not overly memorable.  I take it back, the large meatball really did make me laugh and smile.  Following dinner, a walk around the property helped us to digest.  There’s a Team Lab exhibit, a strange water oculus, tons of shopping, a casino area, and probably so much more.  Black Tap burger joint is also in this complex.  We came back for that one our final day in Singapore.  I was super excited to enjoy the burger on a salad there and not have to wait in an uber long line the way you do in NYC.   If you stay at the MBS you usually receive a coupon of some sort here as long as you go during your stay, don’t miss out like we did!  That milkshake probably would have been epic haha.

So “yes” is my answer.  The Marina Bay Sands is an epic 24 hours not to be missed.


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