Working Out While Traveling

I’ve been lucky to live this life as an expat for three years.  A day in the life here includes a limited work schedule and immersion in a foreign culture, coffee with new friends and a ton of nooks and crannies to explore.  It’s pretty amazing and life-changing in many ways.  One thing I wouldn’t be able to live without are my online fitness and yoga classes. Keep reading to find out which platform I use, and steal my discount code!

It’s really easy to get carried away with the whole checklist of things not to miss, but what I’ve learned after two years and a few extra kilograms of weight is that it is really important to have some sort of routine.  I chose to work on this adventure of ours, and as a result, I’m constantly helping other women maintain their workout routines.   I have worked out myself in spurts, but gave up my daily ritual of doing something physical besides just teaching.  I started to notice I gained a little bit, I lost a bit of mindfulness, and every day I got more and more sluggish and had a lack of motivation.

I’ve since started taking a weekly yoga class at my gym, and a weekly class online.   I can’t tell you what a difference it makes.  You have to carve out space in your place, and time in your schedule, and of course it means not attending that coffee or happy hour like everyone else; however, the pros far outweigh the cons.


Committing to yourself makes you more able to commit to other people.  The changes some people experience in a life without booze, are the changes that I experience when taking a regular yoga or Pilates class.   If you start to feel disconnected with your friends, society, family; it’s time to reconnect with yourself and begin a weekly practice or routine (By the way, here is where I choose to workout online, discount code: KARENKIM25 at Moviing).  I find it is helpful to have a buddy going to class or also practicing online, because it’s a great way to help yourself stay accountable.

It’s true what they say, why save for tomorrow what you can do today.   Invest in yourself to be the best version of you.


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