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Clothes and codes...

I have gathered a ton of favorite brands over the years and journey of my Instagram. One of my favorite things is the Booty Kicker. If you use this link, you will get a free Bender Ball with your purchase! You can also subscribe to my classes (along with hundreds of others) at, but please email me and let me know so I can give you a special discount code!

(From Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

Use KARENKIMA20 at Carbon 38, my go-to site for athleisure and workout clothes.

Use YSKarenK at Ripple Yogawear (both pictures on righthand side), my favorite when it comes to sustainability and comfort. The onesie in the picture below is great for travel days!

Use yogatravel at Confused Girl, these are the softest leggings I own and I love the crystal theme that Giovanna uses on her collection.


For travel wi-fi I use Tep Wireless. You can use my code KARENKIM for a discount- I have since changed to a pink device, but you can have your pick when you order! Amazing coverage and great customer service should you ever need any support.

If you made it this far… check out my Linktree for a list of all my recommendations and discounts!